The SoundStage! Network’s Amplifier-Measurement History with BHK Labs

Following the introduction of our highly successful loudspeaker-testing program with Canada’s National Research Council (NRC), in 2001 the SoundStage! Network began its amplifier-testing program.

To conduct these test we commissioned BHK Labs, headed by Bascom King, well-known design engineer, consultant, and technical writer for such magazines as the former Audio.

Each amplifier is tested using the Audio Precision System Two, and each amplifier goes through the same type of testing program to ensure consistency, quality, and comparability in the test results.

Power and integrated amplifier models measured
(arranged alphabetically by brand name)

Accustic Arts Amp II-AC High Performance
Anthem PVA 2
Anthem Statement M1
Anthem Statement P2
Audio Electronic Supply Six Pac
Audio Research 150.2
Audio Research VS115
Audio Research VS-55
Audio Research Reference 110
Audiopax Stereo Eight Eight
Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk II
Ayre VX-R
Bel Canto Design e.One REF1000
Belles 350A Reference
Belles Statement SA-30
Blue Circle Audio BC202
Blue Circle Audio BC28
Blue Circle Audio DAR (i)
Bryston 2B SST
Bryston 4B SST
Bryston B100 SST (i)
Calyx Audio Femti
Classé Audio Delta CA-2200

Coda Technologies 12.0
Conrad-Johnson Premier 140
Conrad-Johnson Premier 350
Convergent Audio Technology JL2 Signature Mk 2
CR Developments Romulus
darTZeel NHB-108 Model One
deHavilland Aries 845
deHavilland Aries GM70
Devialet D-Premier (i)
Einstein Absolute Tune (i)
Esoteric A-100 (i)
Eximus S1
Flying Mole CA-S10 (i)
Flying Mole DAD-M100proHT
Grommes 360
Hegel Music Systems H20
Hyperion Sound Design HT-88
JAS Audio Bravo 2.3 (i)
JE Audio VS70 (i)
JE Audio VS70.1 (i)
Jones Audio PA-M300 Series 2
Krell FPB-300c
Lamm Industries ML1.1
Lamm Industries M1.2 Reference
Liberty Audio B2B-100
Linn Klimax Twin
Luxman B-1000F
Luxman L-509U (i)
Manley Laboratories Snapper
Manley Laboratories Mahi
Monarchy Audio SE-160
NAD C372 (i)
Nightingale ATS-90
Opera Consonance Reference 9.9A
Opera Audio M800
Opera Audio Consonance Cyber-10 Signature
Oracle Audio SI 1000 (i)
Orpheus Laboratories Three S
Odyssey Audio Khartago
PS Audio HCA-2
Raysonic SP-100 (i)
Redgum Audio RGM175
Rogue Audio Atlas
Rogue Audio Medusa
Rogue Audio Tempest II (i)
Simaudio Moon 400M
Simaudio Moon W-6
Song Audio SA-300 MB
Stello M200
Tenor Audio 75 Wi
Thor Audio TPA-30
Threshold Audio S/5000e
Vincent SP-T100
Wyetech Labs Topaz 572B