Magico Introduces the S3 Loudspeaker


Magico has announced the expansion of its award-winning S-series loudspeaker line with the addition of the S3. The S3 (48”H x 14”D x 12”W, 150 pounds each) is a full-range floorstanding loudspeaker that houses a 1” MB30 tweeter, a 6” M380 midrange, and a pair of 8” hybrid Nano-Tec/aluminum woofers.

According to Magico’s CEO and chief designer, Alon Wolf, “By drawing from our technological well and in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are now able to deliver a remarkable value proposition in the S3, one which will become a new benchmark in its category.”

According to Wolf, the S3 shares the same engineering capabilities of its two siblings, the S1 and S5, and sits squarely between them in the line. The S3 uses an acoustic-suspension enclosure, one whose further refinements include a new uniquely designed subenclosure for its midrange. The polycarbonate enclosure utilizes a combination of advanced materials as well as a specially developed shape. Both of these features, when combined, create what is said to be the ideal acoustic properties for a subenclosure in a loudspeaker cabinet.

The S3’s contoured extruded-aluminum cabinet — said to be the world’s largest monocoque enclosure at 16″ in diameter with .5″-thick aluminum walls — minimizes diffraction effects and internal resonance, and adds the correct damping requirements. Structurally, the S3 is mechanically sound and without any weak points. The sensitivity is rated at 88dB while the impedance is 4 ohms. The frequency response is specified at 26Hz-50kHz.

Magico’s November 4 press release summed up the S3 as follows: “As always, the anticipation is high for any new Magico product release. The S3 doesn’t disappoint and is a standout performer, with high-quality ingredients, state-of-the-art driver technology, the most mechanically solid and rigid cabinets, and the most sophisticated crossover network. The elegant S3 is a gifted precision instrument that is available in over a dozen different finishes, thus making it able to deliver a bravura performance while aesthetically fitting in any environment.”

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The retail price of the Magico S3 starts at $22,600 USD per pair. Delivery will begin in December 2013.

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