The World’s Best Audio System 2015 Event Announced by the SoundStage! Network


In 2009 the SoundStage! Network developed an event idea based on “The World’s Best Audio System” column on Ultra Audio. The idea was quite simple: With cost not a consideration, pick the best components available at any price and assemble them into a single super stereo system in Ultra Audio’s Music Vault listening room, with representatives from each company flying in for a celebratory gathering. The event, titled The World’s Best Audio System 2009, was written about extensively, as the entire SoundStage! Network and a team of writers produced multiple articles over many websites for several months. The World’s Best Audio System 2009 is still discussed worldwide in überhigh-end-audio circles. In fact, “The World’s Best Audio System” produces 28,500 hits today on Google. On the AV Science Forum, a message board dedicated to high-end audio/video, the subject garnered incredible traffic, with almost 140,000 views and over 1,100 responses in a thread announcing the project.

Fast forward to 2011. The SoundStage! Network team is putting into motion what will become The World’s Best Audio System 2012 (TWBAS 2012). The goal of TWBAS 2012 is nothing short of assembling and writing about the most cutting-edge audio system of all time. The system will be announced at CES 2012 as part of the SoundStage! Network’s show coverage, presented exclusively on

More announcements will follow here and on E-mail correspondence about the event is welcome. Please contact Jeff Fritz at

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