“Up Close and Personal” Coverage at CEDIA Expo 2013


The SoundStage! Network’s coverage of CEDIA Expo 2013 has begun. This year’s event runs from September 26-28 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Typically, CEDIA Expo is a showcase for custom-installation products, but many manufacturers of stereo, home-theater, and personal-electronics products also show there. So, to ensure that these manufacturers’ products are seen by our readership, the SoundStage! Network “up close and personal” coverage of CEDIA Expo 2013 has begun!

The Network team has taken an “up close and personal” approach to covering this event — less products covered overall, but higher focus on the products that our core audience will want to see, with much greater photographic detail. As a result, you can expect between five and 15 high-quality photos of each product, as well as photos of the person or persons responsible for the creation of the products if they’re available.

Some of the coverage is already online and will continue throughout the show, so check it out now at SoundStage! Global, the SoundStage! Network’s site specially created for show reports and company tours.


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