Songs and artists that broke records


Songs and artists that broke records

Sometimes we listen to songs and don’t even think about the influence that it has on the music industry. Sound stage 2 is here to inform you about the different memorable events that happened in this industry. You might learn something new from this.

The most-streamed song of all time

Think about it for a second. What song did you hear almost everywhere not so long ago? Yes, Despacito by Luis Fonsi became the most-streamed song. It’s very impressive, as it’s not that old, and it has already been streamed more than 4 billion times. This song just doesn’t want to leave our minds.

Most songs in the UK chart at the same time

It seems that at least most people know who Ed Sheeran is. His melodic voice can hypnotise people for hours. There is one more thing Sheeran can be proud of. It’s the fact that he somehow managed to have 14 of his songs in the UK Top 15. We can say that his latest album was a success!

Most songs on the Rock chart

This record belonged to David Bowie, but Linkin Park stole the spotlight. It happened right after the death of Chester Bennington, who was the lead singer of this band. Billboard’s Rock chart has 23 songs by Linkin Park in it. The band dominated the chart for a good reason. Fans all over the world became extremely sad when they found out about the death of the lead singer.

The longest stay at the top

Mariah Carey is known for her Christmas songs, but there is one more thing she is famous for. It’s the fact that her song One Sweet Day managed to stay in the 1st place of Billboard’s Hot 100 for 16 weeks. We are still waiting for another hit to break this record. Who will overthrow Mariah?

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